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My passion for health and wellbeing began after a near miss with cancer. I was incredibly lucky that after a random poisonous spider bite (seriously, true story) my doctor picked up early pre-cancer cells in a health check that I kept putting off. Key message here - DON’T PUT OFF YOUR HEALTH CHECKS! Not everyone is lucky enough to startle a White Tail Spider in their Ugg boot! 

When the seriousness of my situation hit home, I took a pretty good look at myself. Cancer wasn’t hereditary on either side of my family - so I figured environmental elements were at play. This led to gigantic detox of everything in my house - a costly exercise to say the least. I cleared the pantry, fridge, make-up bag, cleaners … everything. I gave up meat, started running, stopped smoking and drinking. I had the pesky cells removed, along with part of my cervix and realised a few months later… I. Was. Miserable. 

My immediate new found passion for all things good came at a price and wasn’t sustainable. I’d isolated myself from friends and family (socialising was too hard without a glass of red and a cigarette!) My running didn’t last long because I rushed into it without considering what training looked like or even speaking to people that had a healthy running habit. I gave up meat but it played havoc with my immune system as I didn’t know what I was doing. My healthy eating even had me putting on weight (whaaaaat???!!!) and worst of all was my outlook on life. I developed a nasty little inner voice that led to a nasty, negative outlook on life.

Still there? Phew. Ok, don’t worry - this does have a good point and a good ending! 

Fast forward three years later and I’ve recalibrated my life, my mind and my body. I studied to become a certified health coach which changed things dramatically. I realised that there was no such thing as a quick fix and that it was more than just eating healthy. I focused on all aspects of my life and worked out that there were some clear areas that were important and most of them were suffering (check out the Circle of Life if you want to see how you stack up!).

I’m now living my best life. I’m in my own home that I own. I’m surrounded by people that I love and adore. I have a job that inspires me. I’m a certified health coach. I’m sharing my life with an amazing partner in crime. I have the sweetest little pug, that I adore almost more than anything, except for my brand new daughter who has taught me what love really is. I found myself underneath they crazy. I learnt how to block the nasty little voice telling me that I was less than what I was. 

And if I can do it, I know that you can too.