PACKING LIKE A PRO: Bali Packing Guide

It's pretty obvious, in fact so obvious that writing a packing list is usually over looked. I have learnt the hard way how necessary this is when packing smart, efficient and light! 

I mean, trips where I have packed toothpaste, but no toothbrush. Socks, wrong shoes. T-shirts and no jumpers for below zero temperatures. All true stories. 

So, with an impending Bali trip on the horizon, my trusty packing list is getting brushed off and ready for action! My goal is to travel for 10 days of blissful sun (lounge lizard), exploring and eating (stretchy pants!). 

31 Degrees, Mostly Sunny, Some ThunderShowers

9 Outfits - 12 Items



I know that there will be a hectic schedule of eating and lounging by the pool (awful I know!) spending days taking dips in the pool, reading books, and marveling at our good fortune. Our first stop is Ubud so some exploration of temples, countryside and Monkey Forest are def on the agenda - packing for these will include a sarong to make sure I am appropriately covered and it can double if the evenings are a little cooler. You get the picture - knowing what I am doing will help with step #2! 

Juliette Hogan Aggie Cami

Juliette Hogan Aggie Cami


With shorts being the staple of my packing - two pairs are being thrown in. One for mooching and another, slightly smarter pair. Each piece is thought through and can be mixed and matched. A couple of swimwear items (allowing for drying time) - all of my packing will be planned based on outfits. I am also very careful not to pack things that I "think" I might wear - this is wear outfit packing is a godsend. 

2 x shorts

2 x silky singlets 

1 x t-shirt

1 x rain jacket

2 x dresses (day time casual + evening) 

1 x flipflops

1 x dress sandals  

If there is enough spaces, I can chuck in 1 exercise outfit. I will wear bulky clothes on the plane to save space and I will give me additional options. Jeans, t-shirt, cashmere cardigan and trainers. 

Karen Walker Love Hangover 

Karen Walker Love Hangover 


My hand luggage gets the same treatment and I make sure that I get my essentials packed cleverly into my travel handbag. 

  • Passport, itinerary + flight / transport information
  • Sunglasses
  • iPad + book
  • Small notebook + pen
  • Phone charger and adapters
  • Emergency contacts
  • Roll on perfume + beauty bag (hand cream + face cream are essentials!) 
  • Medication + snap lock bags + first aid basics (think band aids, panadol etc) 
Grown Alchemist Tinted Hydra-Repair Day Cream

Grown Alchemist Tinted Hydra-Repair Day Cream

Ps. If you are off to Bali let me know!