What’s the one thing you dream of achieving? You know, what’s on your list?
— Sebastian Terry

Most of us know what a bucket list is. Most even have their own. It may not be written down. It may just be one of those things that we keep in the back of our mind. We all have at least one thing that we want to do before we die. You know what I mean, that "Oh, that is totally on my bucket list - I really want to do that one day".

With that in mind though, how many of us have goals and dreams that we desperately want that we ever achieve? Enter Sebastian Terry.

When Sebastian was 27, the death of a close friend and moment of clarity saw him forge an incredible journey that saw him putting pen to paper and creating a list of 100 Things. His goal was the tick off everything on that list. This then kickstarted an adventure where he traveled to the end of the world. He has since lived with a Maasai tribe in Kenya, delivered a baby, hitchhiked across the US, met an inmate on death row, posed nude and been shot at – all of which has snowballed into an international movement that’s no longer just about him. He had a goal to prove that not only is everything possible but you can along the way find true fulfilment...

Along the way, Sebastian strives to raise $100,000 for Camp Quality (Item # 4), a great organisation creating happiness for children and families affected by cancer.

Never in a million years did I think anyone would take inspiration from this trip, but I now receive emails from people everywhere not only supporting me, but also asking for advice and even sharing their own lists!”

Fast-forward six years. Since that first list was created there has been a book, documentary, TV show proposal and a speaking tour that takes him all over the world - and there are only 30 things left on his list (ahem, that is a whopping 31 life changing bucket list goals ticked of every 31 days! Mind blowing!).

It has also meant that this project has changed him and allowed him to find out what his real passion is. Helping people. His life changing moment kicked in at the finish line of a half marathon, where Sebastian had pushed Mark, a quadriplegic, in his wheelchair the entire way to help Mark achieve his own dream. A pretty big moment.

Sebastian also talks about something that I think is incredibly important and something that I have heard often with a particular analogy that is being used more and more...

He uses the analogy of an airplane oxygen mask: in case of an emergency, put yours on first, so you won’t pass out while putting on someone else’s! “You have to have your own foundation looked after, pursue those goals that are important to you and, I think, once you reach a certain state of fulfilment, you become naturally more able to help others and pass on the ‘oxygen mask’.”

We often balk at the idea of putting ourselves first. Worried that it is too self indulgent to practice self care first or instead of changing our situation when things are not right. Instead staying unhappy and unfulfilled.

There is also the art of goal setting - this can be so much harder than you would think! So now he has created 100 THINGS - a place to create and start your own journey, follow the journeys of others and be inspired or get inspired by the man that started it all.

Though it was never intentional, this man on a mission to tick of goals from a long forgotten list at 27 has now started to encourage others to consider what is important to them. What their goals should be or are. Creating a meaningful list of goals that in turn creates their own meaningful life.

Sebastian spends his time translating, deciphering and helping others with their bucket lists. Enabling people to connect and communicate with each other and organising tours around the world from the Inca Trail in South America to Antarctica.

So if you are in the need of inspiration for a change up for yourself or you just want to see others inspired, head to I promise it is not only a hilarious, mind blowing and inspirational read but will also get you thinking about where you are. What it is you are doing and why.