It isn't easy to can be keep our minds sharp as a tack and always switched on and engaged, especially when we are tired and stressed out. This modern life of ours is one that often lacks balance with both our home life and passions. Being constantly "on" can be hard, but it can be even harder when you can feel that you have run out of gas and are at risk of burning out.

If you've lost your sparkly unicorn vibe, your mojo is flat and little flaky or perhaps you feel that you are feeling like you've just plain run out of juice, here are some of my (road tested) remedies to supercharge that battered mojo!

Hit the hay

I have put this first as I do believe that this is one of the single most important things that you can do to recharge. Sleep. Sleep is really, really good for you, seriously. Most of us don't get anywhere near the amount (or more importantly the DEEP sleep that we need - REM) that our bodies and brains need. It is REM sleep that will recharge and refresh your mind to get you back to creative brilliance.

Interestingly, Keith Richards famously woke up with the riff to “(I can’t get no) satisfaction” in his head. He is one of many that have epiphanies or brilliant ideas - there is a reason that most successful people cite sleep as their most protected habits.

Get your butt moving

Exercise is just like sleep - it is really, really important to your general and mental well being. I am not talking running for 10km every day (although it would be an impressive kick start!) I am actually talking mini-breaks. Think a quick walk around the block when you mind starts to wander and you get the dreaded "brain-fuzz". Working a consistent, daily exercise routine - even 30 minutes a day (out of 24 hours, 30 mins should be no problem if you prioritise and sleep!) and the more you do, the more you want to do. When exercising, your brain actually changes its chemistry (think endorphins and so much more), so it really is the best thing to do when you’ve hit a wall.

Get that fresh perspective and make it even better but getting outdoors as often as possible. be able to get back into the groove with a fresh perspective.

Get your house in order

A clean, tidy space will not just help remove irrelevant anxiety and brain space but it will help inspire you. One of my favourite books at the moment is THE LIFE CHANGING MAGIC OF TIDYING UP by MARIE KONDO and it really is life changing. This is not simply moving things around or focusing on what you can see - this is storage space as well - trust me, giving your different environments a serious makeover (or under) can shake the cobwebs out of your brain and energise you again.

Get your goals in order

For me, creating new goals and opening my mind to check in with my dreams and what I want to do feels like fresh new sheets or opening a brand new note book. Re-focusing on your goals, values and dreams for your future will renew your energy and focus your actions. Why not set up a visual mood board - somewhere that you look at often. Developing mental pictures of happiness, success and goals creates and strengthens the neural pathways within your brain as well as renewed hope in the future. Who doesn't want that?

Get outside (remember what vitamin D is!)

Taking that 5 minute walk around the block during a busy day maybe one of the best things that you can do in your working day. Breathing in fresh oxygen and feeling the warmth of the sun will absolutely give your mojo a boost. Even moody, winter days if you rug up will help you to remember just how big that world you are in is.

Trash that negativity and bring in the positive

If you are wanting to free your mind and open it, then removing as many of the little negativities that you deal with daily is a great start. Surround yourself with good people that bring you up and don't pull you down with put-downs or negative comments. Find ways to bring laughter into your life more and before you know it, your thinking will change for the good too - just make sure you channel any laughter in the right way!

Having a clear open mind is a gift and something that we need to constantly work on. Scheduling time to check-in with your self is a great habit to get into keep your life in balance.

Hopefully the above tips will help you to crank that mojo back to where it showed be, releasing all sorts of creativity and brilliance. Go forth and conquer!