I am not a light traveller. I just don't do it well. I can't decide so I try and take it all. Packing for winter and staving off the cold - fashionably of course darling!?


Ok, it really isn't that bad. There are some golden rules that stop you from packing as if you are never going to see another shop again or even worse. The cardinal sin of packing without a plan. That means getting to your destination with toothpaste and no toothbrush. Odd shoes. No hair brush and to top it off the highest pair of heels in your wardrobe and you will not be painting the town red. All a true story!

As I am setting my sights on the winter wonderland that is Queenstown, here is a guide to pack fashionably and without deep regret...

1. Time

First things first. Don't leave your packing to the last minute whether that be 10 mins before you head out the door or if you are shattered the night before. You won't have a clear mind and you will be rushed.

2. Plan

Think about what you will be doing whilst you are away so that you will know what you need or don't need. If you will be going out for dinner, make sure that you have the appropriate attire. Weekend of adventure - you are going to need outdoor clothes. Plan the days and the outfit on paper. Sounds rather obsessive but hey, I am a lover of plans and lists!

3. Mix & Match

Pack clothes that are versatile and can be used with multiple outfits. In fact, if you are being really clever, pick a base colour that is neutral, black/camel and build our outfits around that. Tres Chic!

4. Thermals

Ok - this is key for winter packing. Thermal underwear. Pack lightweight silk or cashmere thermal underwear (not cotton, as it traps moisture). It takes up very little room and will keep you warm, so you’ll need fewer layers. Bonus: It can double as sleepwear.

5. Lightweight - Warm fabric

Again, think cashmere, merino, wool. Light weight pieces that can be layered, don't take up much room and bonus - don't crease!

6. Be the bulk!

Wear your bulky items on the plane. Knee high boots, jacket, jumper.  This will free up tons of space. Make sure you have your scarf on the plane, it can double as a blanket if you get cold too!!

7. Be judicious

Really think about if you need that extra jumper. Does it go with what else you have packed? Was it on the list. Be ruthless.  It maybe obvious but start with the basics and work out. You will not need four books for a long weekend - if you do then use your iPad or Kindle. Make sure you can layer and will be warm but don't pack as if you are leaving civilisation.

8. Accessories

Streamline them. You won't need every necklace and you won't need three handbags. I promise. Again, think multitasking. Shoes - you know what I am talking about. You are going for a winter weekend away - you don't need flip-flops!

9. Equipment

Now, this is key. Make sure you think about how many bags you will have. The handbag, laptop bag and over night bag aren't going to do you any favours. I have travelled enough to know that the bags your chose separate the organised from the doomed. Me, I swear by a bag one wheels. I have one that fits hand luggage requirements and a larger one for checking in. It keeps me stress free knowing that I can carry everything myself and don't have to struggle through the airport looking like a mad woman.

10. Be ready

Make sure that you have your important info at hand. Going ticket-less? Make sure you have your app updated and ready to go - I couldn't live without my AirNZ app. Make sure you have your on flight entertainment and where you are going on the other end. Again, sounds obvious but make sure that you can easily get to them in your bag.