If you have nabbed yourself a business mentor (or career mentor) then you are already on the fast track. It's a fabulous position to be in and you don't want to waste it. Even worse. You don't want your mentor (unicorn) to think that you are wasting their time. 

Knowing exactly what you want from your meetings is key. They are often very busy people who are time poor at the best of time. Make sure you have a plan and even prep an agenda to really get the most out of these sessions. 

Here are some suggestions to get you going. 

What is a typical day for you?
Getting an idea of how your mentor spends and priorities their time will give you an insight of what you should expect from roles like theirs. It will also give you an idea of what habits they have cultivated to keep them successful. 

What goals you have set this year and what will you do to achieve them?
You can safely bet that your mentor has very clear goals they have set out to achieve and know exactly what they will do to get them. It is the how that is really important. Make sure you take note. 

What are some of the lessons you’ve had to learn the hard way? What would you do differently?
Learn what to look for and how you can avoid future hurdles. There may be many mistakes but listen out for how they turn around these bumps. 

What are your daily non-negotiables that you always make time for? 
From exercise, to mindfulness. You can search many an entrepreneur and discover the habits that they cultivate - think Arianna Huffington and her sleep revolution. Richard Branson with reading and exercise. You never know what may resonate with you.  

What were some of your weaknesses when you were starting out? How did you overcome them?
You can learn a lot from how your mentor answers. You may share similar weaknesses and this will help you to see how you can build your weakness into a strength. 

What would you say is one of my strengths and should keep developing? 
So many successful people have achieved far more than they ever thought possible because another person believed they could. Having your mentor give you their feedback may push you to achieve things you never thought you could. 

Was there ever a job position you were given or task you received that you felt you weren’t 100% qualified for? What would you tell me to think about if I was in that position? 
I have been lucky enough to have a few mentors and one thing they have all told me is that they have taken roles that they haven't felt ready for. They pushed themselves firmly outside of their comfort zones and that is where they learnt the most. This isn't about pulling a "Catch Me If You Can" but extending yourself so you are forced to learn at a faster rate and really challenge yourself. 

Where do you find your inspiration?
It's so important to foster creativity and inspiration. It is another way to boost your successfulness. Stay curious and find out what inspires successful people. Is it an art gallery? Movies? Reading? What about giving back? Who are they surrounding themselves with. People are as important as activities when it comes to inspiration.