"There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” - Albert Einstein


These days it's pretty hard to avoid the topic of gratitude. You know that it is one of those things you should focus on, but when you're in the midst of a melt-down, work hustle or the daily grind it's easily overlooked. BUT my fine friends, did you know that gratitude affects your success? Yup, it's a bit more interesting now isn't it! Here are a few major ways gratitude and success are connected.

Gratitude Shifts Your Focus

Like attracts like. This may all seem a little airy to some of you, but stay with me, it is worth it - I promise. Have you ever noticed that the more you focus on the negatives around you like like obstacles or setbacks that you have, the more problems seem to surface and consume your time? You may have slept through your alarm becoming late for work, getting a parking ticket and accidentally tip your coffee down your white shirt (all happened in one day!).

If you choose to instead focus on the things that are going right then suddenly things just seem to go right. It's win after win and success seems to follow you, you have the midas touch to everything and you can't help but be a little in awe of this magnificent day! You start to notice these  wins and successes, in fact, you will probably notice that your success grows the same way setbacks used to when that's what you chose to focus on. By becoming a more grateful and positive person, you will become someone other people feel great being around, which can lead to more opportunities, wins and success!

So how exactly do you move that attitude to gratitude? Glad you asked!


Yep, I was pretty skeptical at first too, but hear me out: the five minutes you dedicate to journaling will set your intentions for the day, keep you focused, and make you a happier person overall. (And I was always so sure that the gateway to paradise involved red wine, Karen Walker or at the very least Zara!)

When I started on my own journey of discovery, I was fairly overwhelmed - where on earth do you start?!? I was given some great advice on the simplest way to start gratitude journaling. Here is what I was told:

start your day by listing the three things you are grateful for, what would make today great, and what your daily affirmation is. Then end your day with these two questions: “What are three amazing things that happened today?” and “How could I have made today even better?”

Get specific here about what really makes you warm and fuzzy. Don't make the mistake of listing general things you are grateful for, really drill down and pin point the exact things that get specific about the things making you feel blessed, no matter how big or small.  It’s that simple and takes five minutes, making it perfect for you commitment-phobes out there!



Bad news for those of you that still believe that the snooze button is your BFF. An extra 15-20 minutes in the morning can make a huge difference between setting a positive intention for the rest of the day, or being stuck in a reactive-slash-frantic, panicked state. You know the type of day I'm talking about! Take the time to inspire yourself and manifest some really cool shit. Remember, the more you feel gratitude and recognise all the amazing things in your life, the more that will flow your way throughout your day. Repeat after me: Good vibes only!



Gratitude is a facet of mindfulness, and when you’re meditating it forces you to reflect on the awesomeness of the present moment. I wrote about some apps that can help out with guidance - as I mentioned, I am big fan of Calm and hey, it even has a "gratitude practice, how's that for synchronicity??

Meditation is (in my opinion) on of the biggest things that you can do for your mental wellbeing and has proven health benefits like stress management and coping skills. It gives your mind a chance to calm down and enables you to notice the small stuff that makes a big impact. Like getting caught up in clear, starry night, enjoying margarita Tuesday with your tribe, or if you are me, chasing your pug up and down and beach you have all to yourself! No judging, you would too if you saw the little guy! These are the little things that your normally busy mind would have missed but will now fill you up with happiness and hope. And that my friends, is something to be mighty grateful for.



The written word is so over looked in these digitally, filled days! Why not spread the positivity by giving a shout out to anyone who’s made your day. Whether it’s a hand written note on gorgeous stationery or a simple post-it! It doesn't matter, heck if you resort to an email or a text who cares.

Taking the time to express and acknowledge your gratitude goes a long way. Try to get in the habit of sending at least one note per week to someone that makes your life better!



The struggle is real. Unplugging and switching of, even for 10 minutes a day can bring us to a hyperventilating standstill. You don't know what you will have missed in those precious lost minutes!

Seriously though, many of us have an actual addiction with our devices (I will return to this in another post!) and find ourselves picking up the smartphone the minute our sleep eyelids flutter!

Why not unplug or switch to airplane mode the night before so you don't get distracted firth thing by alerts or notifications. Instead, use this newly won time to dedicate to gratitude journaling and/or meditation - hell a walk first thing out in nature will help you kick start your day. Worse - seeing a dreaded deadline pop up before you even step foot in the office...! Mark my words, you will soon notice the difference in your mind, body and even get a digital-free glow about you!

How will you adopt an attitude to gratitude?