The four things that I do every morning to set myself up for the best day possible. 

1. Hot lemon water as soon as I wake up - seriously, it wakes you up and shocks me into action! 

2. See to my skin for the day - I never leave the house without cleansing and moisturising. My beauty regime is simple and fast. Tinted moisturiser (double whammy of hydration!), creme blush, swipe of mascara and lippy and I am good to go. 

3. A brisk 30 minute walk - to wake my body and mind completely. I am lucky that this is a walk by the sea so hits all the senses. I try to do this rain or shine and it is always well worth it. 

4. I review my To-Do list from the day before - usually with a coffee! I make sure I get this list done the night before. It stops me over thinking things or conversely forgetting things. I then know what the day ahead of me looks like to avoid surprises or looming deadlines.