When was the last time that you felt energised. I mean really, truly, leap-out-of-bed-running-down-the-road-crazy-energised. 

If you can think back to a time where you had boundless energy, whether it was after an amazing nights sleep. A run. Yoga session. A creativity buzz. After a mammoth gym sesh. Whatever it was that prompted this surge of energy, think about how incredible it felt. You can accomplish superman level to-do lists and breeze through tasks that you had been putting off. Even better, you the feels you have for positivity are off the richter. 

These energy bursts can seem few and far between. On a normal day, a to-do list can seem like a never ending object of torture. You feel exhausted just thinking about the things that you HAVE to do. The end of the day? That in its self is exhausting. 

If this sounds a little like you, then fear not. You are not alone. Not. At. All. 

Energy doesn't have to be an elusive unicorn though. It is simply a matter of figuring out that works for you and what energy means to you. Then planning. Yep. Plan to succeed and all that is real. 

If you consider energy is made up of 3 main elements. Body, Brain, Mindset. Energy, success and the ability to push through ceilings occurs when we align all three. 

Here is some food for thought and what I do to re-energise myself:


1. You have to move, but if you don't have your food consumption right then you won't have the energy to get that body moving. Food = energy. If you are living on stodgy, processed food, you will find this near impossible. Just like those that are not getting enough nourishment. So start to work out what YOUR body needs. We are all different but there are some key things that will work for everyone. Incorporate healthy vegetables, fats and proteins. Try to make food yourself as much as you can and pass up that Uber Eats urge. Get into a routine and block your time out and incorporate movement into your schedule. Start small and work your way up. Don't have brekkie? Then start the morning with a smoothie. Not been active for a while? Don't panic. Grab some trainers, your mobile device and crank your favourite tunes or if you are like me the audio book that you save for walking only. Make looking after yourself a daily habit. 

2. Sleep. Sleep. Sleep. Seriously. If you are running on empty, you can eat all the Kale in the world and it won't help at all. Know what your body needs to reset and recharge. Yes we are all different but I haven't met anyone yet that functions well on little sleep - no matter how much they may believe that they can take on the world with 4 hours sleep. You need to recover. You will make better choices and will be able to cope with so much more. Most importantly, you will be able to do all of this in a better headspace. So plan out how much zzz's you need and plan backwards. Build in a night time routine, be that candles, reading, bath or walk. Then guard it and stick to it. Think Arianna Huffington! 

3. Move incidentally. Small steps accumulate. Flag the lift, take the stairs. If you can walk versus car / public transport then do it. Jump off the bus a step earlier. Got a meeting? Can you make it a walking meeting? Moving your body will help you to be more productive. It's a scientific fact! So fit in these small wins each day, every chance you get. 


1. Plan your day in advance. Write down all of the must-do tasks for the day ahead (or afternoon / evening the day before like I do) and label them. Challenging, medium and easy.

Now, think about when you function at your best. If you have more pep in the morning, smash out those challenging items first and leave your easy tasks for your afternoon slowdown. If you are the opposite and like to ease your way into the day, then start easy. Work smarter, not harder. 

2. Outsource as much as possible – both personally and professionally. Doing everything yourself and allowing no downtime will burn you out in no time. With sites like Goodnest you can outsource a whole heap of your personal admin. Find people/businesses that you trust and do your homework. This will mean you can then relax and trust that you are leaving your tasks to people that you trust. 


1. Get your head in the game. Having the right mindset for achieving your goals and dreams will have you smashing them, or falling very short. Positivity is key. So decide right now if you are going to go into things with a positive mindset or you may as well not bother. Tough? Perhaps but its some honest truth. 

2. Build on your positivity. Knowing the attitude that you want to have is the first step. The next is learning how to build upon it and keep yourself on track. My top tip is a gratitude habit. I swear by this and helps me to view challenges as opportunities and that I have something that I can learn from. Every morning I write down: 

  • 3 things that I am grateful for
  • 3 things that I will do to make that day great
  • A daily affirmation. I am ... 

Then, at the end of the day:

  • 3 things that happened that day that were amazing
  • 1 thing that I could have done to make the day even better than it was

3. Think about your interactions with others and situations. It's so easy to loose your (bleep) when things don't go the way that you want. Someone cuts you off in traffic. Your interaction with someone is rude and upsets you. Let. It. GO. Stop for a minute and consider your anger as your stress levels start to peak. It won't do you any good and often leaves you worse off. 

If it is a person that has you worked up. Try to consider things from their point of view. Every interaction counts and you can choose how YOU want to be seen and how you want people to feel when they are around you. It takes practice but it's so worth it. I don't always manage this but when I find myself getting irritated because of someone or something - I make an effort to walk away or take a big, deep, breath. This kind of stress will do nothing for you and is an energy zapper of huge proportions! 

So there you go. What do you do to keep to boost your energy?