Feel that this year has been full of big dreams and very little action? Perhaps you’ve spent a lot of time soul searching and working out who you are … Maybe, you’ve started to think about the future and you don’t really know where to start?

Introducing my new workshops. These are the first two of four and I will be holding these early next year. They are designed to help you to reconnect with yourself, work out the areas of your life that need the most attention and what your dreams are for the future. Most importantly, they will help you go after those dreams and make them reality.

Who are they for? Glad you asked. They are for everyone that wants to change where they are right now. If you are wanting to spend large and buy a house, travel the world, start your own business, start a family, find love. Anything that you have a dream for, I can help give you the tools to make them a reality.

What about those that don’t really know what they want? That’s just fine too. One of the workshops is designed to help you to work out what’s truly important to you and then work out what that dream life looks like.

The first will be held in person but they can also be held remotely if enough of you can’t make the dates / location.

If you’re looking for inspiration and you’re ready to live your dream life? Then don’t wait, smash into 2019 with a bang!