Just because you’re expecting it doesn’t mean that all the fun needs to stop. It’s one of the most exciting times in your life so don’t bolt the doors and go into early hibernation. Embrace this new journey and find the tricks that work for you!

  1. Pre-load

    On sleep! Make napping your priority. Make regular beauty pamper sessions your regular evening routine (all the face masks!) and spa it up as much as you can!

  2. Glam it up

    Even if you’re feeling flat, frumpy and madder than a cat dragged through a bush backwards, hanging with friends can be just what’s needed. Having a bad clothes or hair day, then let your make up shine for you. Learn what works with your new preggy glow and glam yourself up!

  3. Accessorise!

    Feeling a little more confident? Then next step is pull out the accessories. A gorgeous pair of big earrings. A statement ring or necklace. Maybe a bracelet is your thing. Whatever your poison, pull out the bling!

  4. Kitten’s the word

    Ok. You’ll find that heels aren’t your besties during this time. If you are determined, go up a size the further along you go. Another option is ‘kitten’ heels. Find a gorgeous pair of pointy, strappy kitten heels and you get the look without the pain! I’ve kept this going post preggo and have never looked back!

  5. Pace yourself, but go for it

    Just because you’re in the club, it doesn’t mean that everything is fair game and you can over-indulge because you’re eating for two! That ladies, is a myth. Enjoy food and know what you can and can’t have but don’t walk around tracking ingredients like a crazy lady. Be smart, use common sense and if in doubt, eat a good meal before heading out. Just don’t stress it unnecessarily. Check this out if you are worried about what you can and can’t eat.

  6. Pass the gin

    If you are in the early stages and not ready to share with the world, work out a code with your inner circle. Asking for ‘gin’ of ‘vodka’ but your partner in crime knowing that this means lemonade or sparkling water thanks, means you can avoid the awkwardness.

  7. Talking about gin

    I was lucky enough to discovery Seedlip in my last months of pregnancy. I was distraught at only being given the option of sugar loaded beverages or water. I wanted to feel like an adult, and not a buzz kill. I also wanted to feel like I was joining the party. Seedlip was my saviour and I still love it now!

  8. Musical chairs

    Don’t suffer in social gatherings. Again, go code with your partner in crime and work out where the seats are so that you’re not caught standing for long periods

  9. Make like Cinderella

    Know you’re cut off and leave then. Get your exit strategy straight before you get there and stick to it. Don’t feel guilty, you’ve nothing to feel bad about leaving early! People will just be chuffed that you came! Best part - no hangovers or shinanigans to regret!