What’s app mama?

If you are getting ready to prep for pregnancy getting to know and understand your body can be one of the most important things that you can do.

I know that my journey opened my eyes to how little I really thought or knew about my own body. Periods? They were a monthly nuisance that I tried to avoid. Cycle? Meh, I knew there was one but didn’t pay that much attention. My relationship with my body felt like it revolved around a constant battle of mind vs weight, anything else was just noise. Sound familiar?

Pregnancy changed everything. For me, it was for the good. I started to listen, notice and love my body and how it works. This doesn’t mean that we didn’t fight, it means that respect grew and understanding began.

If you’re beginning your journey into parenthood, getting to understand your fertility, cycles and overall health, is SO important. Combined with the magic of technology it means that we no longer need to hover over a calendar or diary, crossing, drawing stars or circling days. You can now find some amazing period tracking apps that not only give you a read of when you’ll get your period but your whole fertility health cycle.

Your first thought maybe why on earth would you need or want to do this. Well, it will certainly help you to get pregnant. It will help to figure out if everything is honky dory or if you need to be a little more aware of your fertility health and involve the experts.

Ok, I wanted to start with this because this can be a scary time. If you’ve ignored your body so far then you may start to question everything that it does. Totally normal. Starting to track your body and fertility cycle means that you very well may expose some health issues. Knowing what your body is up to can help your doctor significantly. This is all ok. Getting the experts involved and a support system set up can be super important and not something to be weird about.

Interestingly your fertility cycle can reflect a good picture of your whole health. Stress, digestive system, thyroid, fertility issues and more. So tracking can be a key way to see what’s going on.


Ah, the ups and downs. You know when you’re happy and motivated one minute then furious and want to be rolled into a human burrito with someone feeding you chocolate? As you start to track your cycle you’ll be able to pre-empt those pesky mood swings, the outrageous pain and the hunger before it hits. Also, knowing that your period can hit you with anxiety, mood swings, body changes and cravings then you can work out what truly works for YOU. There’s no need to suffer from reaction! You’ve got this lady, it’s just a little tracking to get you on top of it all.

And of course, if you’re mostly focused on getting pregnant then knowing when your windows of opportunity fall and drastically improve your chances of falling pregnant. It’s no guarantee but it will help exponentially.

App’s to investigate

  1. GLOW

    Glow tracks your period, charts symptoms and will give you a heap of helpful info. It also follows through once you’ve conceived and had your baby. It even gives you access to online forums and it’s community.

  2. OVIA

    Similar to glow, you can track what’s going on. You can even see what size your baby is compared to other things you’ll recognise. It also has parenting and baby tracker once you are pregnant.

  3. EVE

    Another great app from the Glow family. Eve will track your cycle completely and help to identify trends and patterns that are unique to you.

  4. CLUE

    Rated the top free period and ovulating tracker app by the journal Obstetrics & Gynaecology which is pretty high praise. This is also the only tracker that uses science to help you to discover patterns in your menstrual cycle.

Ultimately these are all designed you in your fertility journey but not to be solely relied upon. Getting your health in order and talking to your doctor are also important steps and it’s important not to get fixated on dates and timeframes. The stress of trying can even be something to be aware of. In this series I’ll be talking about some of the topics that I came across in both Health Coaching and having my own baby.