If you have read any of my posts, taken any of my challenges or program’s or quite simply, you know me.  Then you’ll know all about my love of ‘creation’. I truly believe that it is possible to have a life that you absolutely love. 

This doesn’t mean that you won’t face challenges, it means that you can live a life that aligns with your values, your passions and your dreams. With this, there are three very important things that you need to know:  


1. Mindset is king: Yep, if you’ve got the wrong mindset then things will always be out of reach. Mindset is not just about the mind - it includes heart and passion.  

2. This is the big picture: Yep, it’s not all goal setting and stationery! Interestingly, your health plays a big part in going after your dreams. This includes food, sleep, hydration, movement - the whole big picture. If you are run down, how can you go after what’s really important. 

3. Be Open: If you close yourself off. Stop dreaming big. If you surround yourself with people that don’t want to see you succeed (I know these people as “Blockers”). If your only source of entertainment is negative gossip or comparisons. Then your dream life is that much further out of reach...  

What of the above three resonate with you? Is it mindset, wellbeing or your openness? What is blocking you from your dream life? Are your blocks stopping you from even seeing what your dream life could be? 

This time of year can be magical. It’s a time of family, new beginnings, reflection. It can also be a pretty tough time because of the very things that make it so magical. The key is to decide what this means for you. It’s time to jump into that drivers seat gorgeous and go after that life you know is just waiting for you.