What you need to know about this secret sauce! 

Habits. We all know that they can be the foundation to your success and we all want great habits. Habits that keeps us on track and habits that have us reaching our goals. These are usually basic habits like exercising. Brushing your teeth. Mindfulness moments. Walking the dog. Clearing your emails daily. In fact there many apps that can help you to set these habits and help you keep track of how you're doing. They are key to keeping you on track. 

What you may not know though is that there is another way that you can kick-butt, and it's a lot simpler than you may expect. Micro-habits. 

How are these different to all the other habits that you've spent good time cultivating?? Glad you asked. They are a sort of secret sauce. They are tiny actions that may appear like they won't make a dent to your day, effortless actions you may say. They take little to no motivation and you can slip them into your everyday without having to spend your willpower considering them. 

Here are some micro-habit gems that I swear by: 

1: Stand when you would normally sit (as long as this makes sense, you don't want to be a weirdo). Stand up when calling someone. If you're waiting for someone, a coffee or your lunch, stand. 

2: Avoid the lift and escalator when there are stairs. 

3: Avoid technology 30 mins after waking and before going to sleep. 

4: Park in the furtherest space possible. 

5: Use your lunch break to walk. 

6: Get your clothes ready and laid out the night before - whether it's for a walk first thing or work, doesn't matter.  (Go one step further and streamline your wardrobe! More on that later!) 

7: Drink a big glass of water the minute you wake up and before every meal (add lemon if you're feeling creative). 

8: Walk instead of using the car or public transport whenever you get the chance. 

Now, even though these are simple, small habits, don't set yourself up for failure. Pick one or two that feel like a no brainer and include them into your day until they become the norm for you. Then add more if you feel like it. 

I know that I have particular habits that I can't start the day without - making the bed is my key to a successful day. What's yours?