Ergh. Winter skin. It's literally the pits. Dull, flaky, DRY. Add in the long nights with a 4 month old - it can be BAD. Never fear though - getting back onto the 'I love the skin i'm in' band wagon isn't that tough. In fact there are 5 things that I do to get the glow back, and yes - they are all possibly with a baby hanging from your hip! Bonus!

1. H2O to-go

This is the super tip. Even if sleep is scarce, you down a healthy amount of water through the day then you'll soon be tripping on the healthy glow highway. It really does start from within. Grab that bottle of water - get one that you love, that will make you want to down that liquid. Hate still, grab yourself a Soda Stream (there is not much that would get me to part with this bad boy). Eat your water. Think foods that are high in water content. Cucumbers, celery, tomatoes, watermelon ... the list goes on. 

Bonus tip: I'm a huge fan of Wendy Rowe: Eat Beautiful. It's full of amazing tips. 

2. And the heat goes on ... and on...  

Yep. From heat pumps, air con, heaters, hot showers. Our skin is pummelled by heat. Turn it down a little and chill out. Literally, chill out. I'm the worst for wanting to permanently live in an environment that is conducive to wearing underwear on the sofa. In the middle of winter it can leave my skin feeling like I've been on a 36 hour long haul flight. Not attractive. Definitely the wrong kind of glow.    

Bonus tip: Blast your skin with cold water each day in the shower, just for a minute. Your skin will love you for it. 

3. Say no to soap

and body wash!!!! Get a good quality soap alternative (this doesn't mean $$$$$). I love Grown, Aesop and Sans Ceuticals. It'll protect the natural oils in your skin. Build up a great skin routine - this doesn't need to be crazy complicated either. Just remember - wash the night away and the day away religiously. 

Bonus tip: Make it super simple and get products that you love to use, that way you won't skip your routine. 

4. Lock in that moisture

Don't go to bed or leave the house without applying moisturiser - especially SPF during the day. This is key. Even if you never (actually especially) wear make-up, care for that skin and moisturise. Spend the extra couple of minutes to pamper your whole body. Come summer you will feel righteous about the hard work you're putting in now!

Bonus tip: I make my own facial oils to give me the boost that I want myself and I know what's in it too! 

5. Exfoliate away

Ok, another golden nugget. Sloughing off the dead skin will have your body tingling and glowing each day. The French swear by this, quite frankly anything the French do when it comes to beauty, just do it! Get a specific facial exfoliant, don't use body exfoliant on your face. Not ideal. 

Bonus tip: Embrace the loofah! Buy one. Use it to dry brush. Love it!