They are quick, simple and easy, I promise! 

Becoming (or just being) a mum is full on! You go from looking out for #1 to having a new #1. The ways that you would previously have calmed your mind may not be practical or easy any more. The tough part, having a calm mind is something that you'll need more than ever before. 

Here are three ways that you can incorporate some mindful practices into your every day that are quick and easy to implement. You don't need to go it alone, if your kids are old enough, involve them too!  If you're feel like you're outta control, then get back in the driver's seat mama, you've got this! 

1. Let the water rush over you 

Whether it's just washing your hands or standing under the shower - we all wash ourselves at some point in the day. Hopefully we all get a chance to jump in the shower! Because this is a daily habit, you can incorporate a smatter of mindfulness into it, you lucky thing! 

As you're cleaning your body. Close your eyes and let the water wash over it. Take a moment to notice what you're feeling. Be aware of the temperature, the strength of the water, how it flows from your body, what is the light like in the room. Then take 3 big breaths and come back to yourself. 

2. Wake and go to sleep with intent

I know that the feeling maybe more like dragging your tortured soul across the bedroom floor with searing red eyes or slamming your head down against the pillow and launching yourself into oblivion at the end of the day. However, give this ago and make sure the first and last thing that you do each day does NOT involve social media or scrolling! 

Try this instead. First thing when you wake up and last thing before you go to sleep, take 10 big, deep breaths. You may not be able to always make this your VERY first or last thing but try where and when you can. Again, take notice. What's the temperature? How does your body feel and move when you inhale, exhale? Notice your heart beating. 

3. Eat consciously 

Have you seen that part in Eat. Pray. Love where Julia Roberts is in Italy and she makes herself a poached egg with asparagus? I want you to channel that moment! No TV, no phone. 

Surround yourself with music, candles even. Make the space clear and sit at a table away from distractions. If you're eating out, pick a table that feels comfortable. It you have kids with you, get them involved! Take in the meal that you're eating. What are the flavours? Textures? Temperature? How does it make you feel?