Has winter dulled your light? Are you a mama that's killing her glow with long, sleepless nights and crazy days? Suffering from tired, dull and dry skin? Fear not! You can repair the damage and have your skin glowing, gorgeous and summer ready! Best of all it happens from within and you can smash these ingredients into your daily smoothie! 

Don't have a smoothie habit, you totally need one! 


This spice often gets forgotten about when you're whipping up smoothies but it really is a superstar and found in most pantry's. It's full of minerals, vitamins and antioxidants that will have you glowing in no time and even slow down any pesky signs of ageing - I've got your interest now haven't I! You can even sprinkle it over your morning coffee to give it a sweet hit without the calories! 


This is one that most of us add into our smoothies and know that they are full of antioxidants. Go for the deep coloured like raspberries, blueberries and strawberries - frozen is A-OK too. Berries will help our skin to cope with sun damage and give you fresher younger looking skin. It's all very L'oreal! I like to top my berry dose up with an all natural capsule that gives me an extra boost, no matter how busy I am. 


Fill your boots with all the leafy greens that you can squash down into that blender. The greener and darker the better. I first learnt about all the health benefits of adding the green leafy stuff from Kimberly Snyder - the girl knows her stuff! They are the superstars of the veg world and can do everything from younger looking skin, helping with damage (it won't ever replace sunscreen though!) and assist with environmental pollutants. Again, I use another all natural capsule to up my daily dose as I try and get my daily fix but don't always have the time). 


Chocolate for breakfast? Hell yes! In fact Cacao has been around for centuries and often used for its health benefits. Adding this to your mix will help promote blood flow, skin density, ageing and so much more. Make sure sure you get high quality cacao as all is not equal in the chocolate world!