With the word 'health' you'd be forgiven for thinking that health coaching is all about what you eat, fitness and may even throw in some wellness aspects like sleep in. Whilst these are all included in the health coach conversation, there is a lot more that we like to look at. 

Consider this. I want you to think about people that live in France and the Mediterranean. Many have diets that include rich, creamy cheeses. Cakes and pastry. Red meat. Even wine and liqueurs. What's interesting is that they can have a longer life expectancy than someone living in the UK or the States that has a diet packed with green leafy veg, bliss balls, smoothies etc. When you look at the other aspects of these two types of lives, those in France and the Med, live in smaller villages, socialise often - everyday in fact. Have lives that they feel content with, with meaning. The food they eat, although considered 'fatty' is homemade, they understand portions and they feel connected to those around them and feel that they have purpose. At the end of the day, avocado and green smoothies will only take you so far if you have life that leaves you lonely, in a job you hate and the only time you really move your body is to and from your car. 

One of the reasons that I studied to become an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach was because this is something that I have seen myself, living in Cyprus and the Middle East. I have experienced it myself and seen first hand the danger of focusing only on what's on the plate and not looking at the bigger picture.  Health, is so much more than what we eat and exercise. 

Our wellbeing is fed through relationships and connections, our career and freedom with money, with a sense of purpose and loving the spaces that we are in. We are seeing more and more that those that we follow on social media can appear to have it all. The body, the success, travel, money. What more and more are coming out and saying is that they are burnt out. The success isn't the success that they are looking for and that they are in need of something deeper. Something more. To spend more time with those they love and to focus on things that give them a deeper meaning. 

As human's we crave love and affection. We search out things to help us to connect to others. We dream big about careers that would give our lives meaning. Now, this doesn't mean that you have to win lotto or even climb a mountain to figure out what you need. You just need to spend sometime working on yourself. 

So, what does a health coach do and why can I help you? 

My role is to work with people to help them go from a place of dreaming to one of living. To define what 'health' means to them and look at more than just what's on the plate. To leave behind crazy diets and yo-yo eating habits. To look at the area's of your life that are actually important to you and give you the tools and techniques to give you the space to nourish them. 

I help when you can't see what your true goals are to get you energised and motivated to smash them. To look at the emotional side of your life and to work out how to truly love the life you are living and kick those bad habits that are holding you back. 

What don't I do? 

I'm neither a nutritionist or doctor. This type of coaching is not about working with serious health conditions of the body or mind. It is about prevention and working with people that are able and want to make changes to go after the life that they want. 

People use coaches for many reasons and with many professions, I even have my own because I believe in being held accountable and allowing myself the space to grow. If you think that coaching is right for you and you want to move from the dreaming phase then get in touch. Let's chat and see if we are the right fit to work together.