Complicated? Hot and heavy? BFF's? Meh...

Over the recent years (and potentially from the beginning of time, but now we have social media!) how we eat and the dynamics involved have become incredibly complicated and dare I say it, full of guilt. 

The why's are not necessarily the important part - yes you need to understand your triggers but what is imperative is that you learn to heal the wounds to become friends with your food again. Sounds great right? But where do you even start. Firstly, you need to know what your relationship is. 

a) A passionate love affair, you're a foodie through and through but you have moderation and control. 

b) It's complicated - a love / hate affair that hurts to think about

c) It's luke warm at best - it's a fuel and nothing that spins your wheels 

Once you've figured out where you stand, then think about the triggers. What are the feelings that sit behind your actions? These will be different for everyone and we all sit on a spectrum. That's ok, you don't need to compare yourself to others or even spend time thinking about anyone else. Getting to know and think about your relationship can help you to recognise patterns and do something about them if you believe they are unhealthy (and I'm not talking sugar here, I'm talking mindset). 

My opinion on this and it's important to state that I'm a certified health coach, I'm not a dietician, nutritionist or doctor - this is my honest outlook. I believe in moderation. There is no good or bad food types. There is quality, for sure but removing the labels is the first thing that I did. I eat chocolate - but I make sure it's in moderation, good quality and I love it. I drink wine. Again, moderation, good quality and know how much you are having. If you over indulge, then factor that in and adjust other meals. Don't spend days agonising over it, stressing and hating yourself and your body. Remove the all or nothing mindset and learn to enjoy the food you eat, that's what it's there for. Go one step further and think about the ritual. Eat with others, share, laugh and love. 

Life is to short to hate yourself for a bag of crisps. It's never to short to savour food that you love. 

If you do feel that things are spiralling though and you need help, reach out to an expert. Don't leave yourself to suffer.