It’s taken checking out for a little while for me to be able to check back in with myself and my life. After a double round with chest infections, the flu and Hay fever we left for a mini break to recharge and reconnect - just the three of us. We debated right until the last moment if it was the right thing to do. Was I too sick and run down? Was I even the only one sick? Had it spread? Did we have too much going on? In the end common sense prevailed and we found ourselves on a beach in Byron Bay, watching dolphins play in the waves breaking on the beach. 

We needed to check out and hit pause to get perspective. Now don’t get me wrong. This wasnt a holiday where it all came right the next day. We fought with sickness, travel adjusting baby and the sleep deprivation was still real. We did however remember that we need to get away from time to time. To sit in the sun, read a book, laugh, go for a walk and chase a sunset.  

Wellness is so much more than matcha lattes, kale and downward dog. It’s about reconnection, authenticity and reawakening. I’m still hitting the ground with my spring awakening, I’m just remembering to do it my way. 

What will you commit to this spring? How will you make sure that your moving towards growth and looking after yourself?