Be a vision holder



Vision boards, or dream boards can be a great tool when you are wanting to manifest your dream life, however it does come with caution. How many of you have run out, bought that pinboard and and ripped up magazines full of sun kissed models sitting on tropical beaches, all long limbed and perfect? Or perhaps you filled your with Louis and Gucci luxury items and sat back waiting for the leather laced gorgeousness to drop into your lap… and you’re still waiting.

It could be because it is literally too vague. You’ve thought more about things that would be nice than the actual act of manifestation that you need to embody. So, how can you get this bad boy to work for you?

Step 1:

To start. Grab your space, make it somewhere that you see all the time to keep it front of mind. If you are going to do this, then go all in, don’t hide it in shame or have it only on a digital device. Shout it loud and proud.

Step 2:

Get specific. Create the scenario that you are wanting to manifest. Make it real, specific and something that engages you. You want to be exact with these scenarios so that you can bring them to life. Get the pictures, quotes, boarding passes (if travel is your jam) whatever it is, you need to have things and images that have you engaging with your board daily.

Step 3:

Ask for it. Mantra’s that support your vision board are the powerful connection to getting what you want. Make this a daily practice where you engage with your board, referencing what you have up there consistently. Bring your dreams to life by making this all front of mind. The act of constantly referencing these images is what is going to create results.

Just remember, if you don’t identify with the images, quotes or references that you’ve chosen for your board, then it’s more than likely that nothing will happen. It’s not about creating pretty, it’s bout creating your future!