All you need to do is breathe ... 

Any big amazing life change can come with challenges, nerves and anxiety and that’s completely normal and it’s not a sign of weakness to speak up when those nerves start to jangle!

In fact, I know for me that during my entire wellness and dream life journey, each time I threw myself out into the open or made a big change, there was a moment of worry and the jangle of nerves. What I know that I need to do in these moments when it all feels like it’s a bit much is to come back to myself and breathe.  

During pregnancy and motherhood moments of calm and meditation have been LIFE! I’ve never needed these practices so much and I absolutely notice when I’ve missed a day. It keeps me sane and able to push myself out of my comfort zone.  

It’s allowed me to stand on a start-up stage and pitch. It’s allowed me to lean into motherhood and embrace all the unknown calmly, even when I was well out of my comfort zone. It’s allowed me to set up my own coaching practice and coach others.   It’s calmed me in moments of chaos, with a screaming baby and allowed me to focus on the things that really matter. 

It’s a game changer once you’ve learnt to incorporate it into your tool box. You move your mind into a space where you can relax and focus and stay in the present. It can move you through moments of anxiety and deal with conflict or challenges. 

For me, I’ve had a relationship with mindfulness for a few years. I hadn’t made it fully a practice until becoming pregnant and I’ve not looked back. You don’t need to be an expert or have free hours to spare to start a practice either! You just need one minute and a reasonably quiet space. 

Here is a way to just get started: 

  1. Find a quiet, comfortable space that you can sit down. If you can rest your back straight against a wall or back of a chair.

  2. Set a one minute timer and place your hands in your lap.

  3. Close your eyes and focus on you.

  4. Take the deepest breath in for a full 10 seconds. Feel your chest rise and your back straighten. Focus only on the breath and hold.

  5. Let your breath out for the full 10 seconds.

  6. Repeat this 6 times. Each time a thoughts floats into your mind, let it float away as you focus back on your breathing.

  7. Pause after your 6th breath and slowly open your eyes.

I’d love to hear if you’ve tried this and how it works for you.