As we settle into 2019 many of you maybe thinking about New Year resolutions, goals and just generally looking ahead, but before you get too bogged down with all the diets, exercise plans etc. I want you to consider this.

You can eat all the kale. Drink all the alkaline water. Take all the supplements. Do all the yoga.

But if you don’t deal with the stuff that’s going on in your head, you won’t ever get healthy.

The reason that I mention this? Well, you .will be bombarded with magazines, social media, friends and family that are talking all about the latest fad, craze and hype. That’s all great and I’m actually a big believer in a detox (or a reset as I like to think of them) but only as a tools if i’ve gotten a little off track. What I want you to think about before any of these things is your mindset and mental health.

Take a minute to check-in with yourself. How are you really feeling? How does the start of a new year make you feel? What’s abundant in your life? What’s lacking? What’s stressing you out? What’s making you toe-curlingly happy?

Need a little help to re-asses? I got you. Head over to the free circle of life download and take a look at my other wellness freebies. Need a little more? Not to worry beautiful, head here and tell me what you’re looking for.

Happy New Year, your dream life starts right here!!