If you’ve swung into the new year feeling like nothing will change, that this will be another year where you watch everyone else move forward, whilst your stuck where you are - don’t panic.

This is a follow on to my Manifestation series last year. I want to show you how it is possible to break free from self-limiting beliefs and redefine that what you BELIEVE is possible.

Firstly, if you are stuck thinking that there is no way that you could possibly be ‘more’. You can’t earn more money. You can’t look the way you want. You can’t have the job you want. You can’t have the house that you really want. Then this could be just the series for you.

I want to introduce you to two types of mindsets.

S.E.M- Self-esteem maintenance

This is a mindset where you’re pretty happy where you are. You’re not interested in creating a different future for yourself and you are only interested in keeping to the status quo. You are in full maintenance mode.

S.E.O - Self-esteem optimisation

This is where you can dream big. You have a strong sense of self-belief and you are convinced that you are able to go for your dream life. You may even know what that is. This is the important bit - you may not know the steps but you’ve got the vision. You are sitting in a growth mindset.

Question - do you identify with either of these mindsets?

It’s ok if you don’t. We will come back to them in part two. If you sit in the camp of “I want a better life but….” then answer the next question.

Question - do you identify with any of the below blockers?

  1. Burnout: Do you feel low energy and burnt out? You’re stressed, overwhelmed and everything seems hard. You are so tired and caught up in bad habits that the last thing you’re thinking about is something new. The only thing your subconscious is thinking about is getting through the day.

  2. Lost: You are being pulled in a million different directions and you’ve no idea which way to look. You’ve got no sense of purpose and no idea who you even are anymore.

  3. Given up: You may vocalise that you’re a dreamer and have a go-get it attitude but deep down you know that you’ve given up. You’ve not changed direction or moved forward in years and you are pretty sure that if you do, you’ll fail.

  4. Depression & Anxiety: You sit in one of these lonely camps and struggle to get yourself out of them. You are either pretty sure you are one or you’ve been told you are.

  5. Bad Habits: You are caught up in a bad habit whirlwind. Your bad habits, have bad habits and it all feels like a vicious cycle!

Did you write any down? Did anything jump off the screen for you? This first

The next in this series will look at what to do now, but I want to cover one thing until then. If you feel that you have any issues relating to depression or anxiety I cannot stress enough the importance of getting help. It can literally change your life if you engage with experts.