One of the reasons that I absolutely love talking to people about dream creation is that you can do it even in the most mundane situations.

You don’t need to be doing some outlandish activity to get that sluggish brain ticking over. In fact you won’t need a complicated routine, I can teach you some simple tools to move your mind into its most focused state ever. In my last blog, I talked about mindset as this is the first step in opening your mind to a growth mindset.

Now, if you did answer my questions, hopefully you’ve started to think about your ‘blockers’ - these little tricksters are the first barrier between you and that dream life. In fact, they are often the thing that stop you from being able to even think about what that dream life maybe. Ready to start the ‘unblocking’ process…?

Let’s talk blockers! In the previous post I described 5 different types of blockers, here are someway's to overcome them.

  1. Burnout: It’s not as simple as feeling a little tired and disenchanted. It’s dealing with relentless stress levels on a daily basis that impacts on health, mood and your overall engagement with your life. A burned out brain finds it nearly impossible to concentrate or seperate itself from the situation. Things that you can do:

    • Audit your life: Take some time to look at the areas of your life that you are happy with, which need a little work and what’s really suffering. You don’t need answers, just temperature check.

    • Meditation: Letting your mind “Be” can turn off anxiety circuits and allow your mind to refocus.

    • Sleep: Seriously, if your brain is stressed this could be the single best thing you can do for your wellbeing.

  2. Lost: You are being pulled in a million different directions and you’ve no idea which way to look. You’ve got no sense of purpose and no idea who you even are anymore.

    • Stabilise: This life audit comes in handy here. Re-asses where you are and ask yourself - what is the one area that you can stabilise? Then, create a bite-size action plan to get that one area into shape. You will then feel a bit more anchored and able to think clearly.

    • Boundaries: Learn to say NO. If you find yourself saying yes to something that niggles at you or you outright know you don’t want to do - just say no.

  3. Given up: You may vocalise that you’re a dreamer and have a go-get it attitude but deep down you know that you’ve given up. You’ve not changed direction or moved forward in years and you are pretty sure that if you do, you’ll fail.

    • Wake-up: First thing here is that you need to accept and be honest with yourself. You know that you have given up and you’re sitting in a mindset focused on surrender. No more gorgeous. Acknowledge this, wake up and make the decision to get into the drivers seat.

    • Less talk - more do: Remove yourself from the dream state by creating a to-do list and cross off one thing a week, then every other day to daily. Small incremental steps will lead to bigger wins.

  4. Depression & Anxiety: You sit in one of these lonely camps and struggle to get yourself out of them. You are either pretty sure you are one or you’ve been told you are.

    • This one is way more complex - speak to someone. Seek out a professional that can help you to unwrap your feelings.

  5. Bad Habits: You are caught up in a bad habit whirlwind. Your bad habits, have bad habits and it all feels like a vicious cycle!

    • Break the chain: Create 2-3 good habits that you know you can achieve (do not go straight for the big stuff, keep it small and simple). Every day you achieve them then mark off the date on a calendar. The longer you can keep the chain unbroken the more motivated you’ll become to keep it unbroken!

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